Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oracle RCU for Soa Suite Installation

Oracle Repository Configuration Utility

1.       To configure Oracle SOA Schema by using Oracle Repository Configuration Utility (RCU), perform the following steps:

Download the RCU from the following location


B: Select Create to create the schemas

C:Give the details as shown below. Give host name as  “localhost” if the database  is  installed in the same machine.Given  password as welcome1

D:Ignore the warning as shown in figure below and click Ignore


F:You can create new prefix. YOU can give various names like SOA, SOA_ORACLE,DEV,TEST etc, here it is given as DEV. AVOID giving names like SOA2,SOA3 in other words avoid giving numbers
Select the SOA and BPM Infrasturcture as shown below

G: The following is created

H: Select use same passwords for al l schemas for simplicity. Give the password as welcome1

I: The following table spaces are created