Sunday, August 19, 2012

Installing XE Database for Oracle SOA Suite 11g

The following needs to  be installed .

Install Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( Express Edition (Universal).

Note: Currently 10g express edition is  not  available  on oracle  website  . Instead 11 g express edition is available , you can use the 11g express edition which is available here

a.       Download the Oracle Database 10g Expression Edition (Universal) executable for Windows into your c:\software folder

b.      Double-click the OracleXEUniv.exe file and perform the instructions in the following table:
Screen/Window name
Click Next
License Agreement
Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” option, and click Next
Choose Database Destination
Accept the default, or click Browse to change the destination as desired, and click Next
Specify Database Passwords
Enter welcome1  in the password and confirm password fields, and click Next
Click Install, and wait for installation to complete.
Click Finish.
c.       Start the SQL*Plus command line tool by selecting the following menu:
Start > All Programs > Oracle Database 10g Express Edition > Run SQL Command Line.

In the SQL command window enter the following commands:

SQL> connect sys/password as sysdba

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET sessions=100 scope=spfile;
SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=200 scope=spfile;
SQL> shutdown immediate

SQL> startup
SQL> exit

Note: Now you may wonder why the above sql commands have to be performed .
The answer to this is very simple . If you don't run the above commands then while installing RCU/SOA Suite you get an error and you will not be able install the same.  
Hence remember always that the above commands are mandatory for the successful installation of Oracle SOA Suite 

d: now again go to sql command and check the database,
SQL> select * from dual;
It should show 

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