Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jdeveloper Installation

Installing JDeveloper

JDeveloper is the required IDE used for developing SOA Composites in SOA Suite 11g.
Following are the steps you should follow in order to install JDeveloper:

Get the software here:  

Run the installer – on Windows it is “jdevstudio11113install.exe

Select “Next” on the Instructions screen:

Create a new middleware home then select “Next”.  NOTE: If you already have WLS 10.3.3 installed, you can use that existing Middlware Home for JDeveloper

Select “Custom” so you can see the components that will be installed:

After reviewing the components that will be installed, select “Next”:

If you don’t already have Sun 1.6.0_18 JVM installed select to install that bundled JDK as well:

Review the product installation directories, then select “Next”

Select “No” to installing Nodemanager – you can configure that later if you want to:

Select “All Users” (typical on a development machine which normally only has one user):

Review the installation summary information, then select “Next” to begin the installation:

After installation is complete, deselect “Run Quickstart” checkbox, then select the “Done” button to dismiss the installer:

Test JDeveloper by running the command: [MIDDLEWARE_HOME]/jdeveloper/jdeveloper.exe

When the modal “Select Role” dialog comes up, deselect “”Always prompt for role selection on startup” checkbox and select the “Default Role” radio button then select “OK” button:

If you want preferences from a previous version of JDeveloper imported select “Yes” when the following (similar depending on your environment) dialog comes up:

Finally JDeveloper will come up ready to use:

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