Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creating a Domain for SOA Suite

Creating a Domain for SOA Suite:

Open a command window in the directory [SOA_ORACLE_HOME]\common\bin and start the configuration wizard using the config.cmd script.  Note that this is a different config.cmd script than that used for creating a regular, vanilla WebLogic Server domain.  Using the incorrect configuration script will result in a misconfigured domain for SOA.
In my case this was in the directory: F:\oracle\WLS_10.3.2\Oracle_SOA1\common\bin\config.cmd

Select all the following templates:

Give the new domain a name like “SOA11g”.  Keep default paths and select “Next”:

Set the password for the “weblogic” user to “welcome1”.

Select the JRockit JDK:

Specify the passwords for all the MDS schemas created by the RCU:

After the schemas are tested successfully, the summary screen will be displayed:

Take the defaults for all optional settings by not selecting any checkboxes:

Review the summary information and then select “Create”:

Select “Done” when completed.  Don’t select the “Start Admin Server” checkbox.

The default SOA Suite 11g domain is now created and configured – there will be 2 servers:
  1. AdminServer
  2. soa_server

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