Friday, May 11, 2012

Different console links in ORACLE SOA world

1)weblogic console
example: http://localhost:7001/console

2)Oracle Enterprise Manager console
example: http://localhost:7001/em

3) Oracle Service Bus console
example: http://localhost:7001/sbconsole

4)Oracle BPM Worklist Application
where host_name is the name of the host on which the Worklist
application is installed and port is the port number of the SOA-managed server
(the default is 8001).

5) Oracle BPM Workspace web application
default port is :8001

Note:Notice that a Oracle BPM Workspace application looks very similar
to a Oracle BPM Worklist, which we are already familiar with.
However, BPM Workspace provides some additional functionality,
like monitoring process performance using the Dashboard.

6)Oracle Service Registry
http://host_name:port/application_name/uddi/web, where
host_name is the name of the host on which OSR is installed, application_name is
name of the application (default name is registry), and port is a number that is set
during the installation process.

Note: Oracle Service Registry (OSR) is a fully V3-compliant implementation of UDDI
(Universal Description, Discovery and Integration), and one of the key components
of Oracle SOA Suite 11g. It allows us to publish and discover services and service
providers, and manage metadata about services (security, transport, or quality
service) using taxonomies. Therefore, it plays an important role when trying to
improve visibility and promote service reuse. It is also important in the scope of SOA

7)Business Activity Monitoring(BAM)

8)Oracle SOA Composer
The SOA Composer enables you to work with deployed DVMs.  
9)WSIL Connection
This is created in Jdeveloper
New Gallery -> All Technologies ->Connections ->WSIL Connection ->
Select Resource pallet and give the WSIL file

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