Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Installing OSB with OSB IDE on windows 7 64 bit

Installing OSB on windows 7 64 bit:
It is not very straight forward to install OSB server, OSB IDE ,weblogic on windows 7 64 bit. For 32 bit we get OEPE with weblogic which is quite easy to install, but on 64 bit you don't have OEPE with weblogic. You need to install weblogic separately then install OEPE . Here selecting the OEPE version is tricky. If weblogic version is , it does not mean you have to select OEPE version of It will not work. Infact the correct version of OEPE is Now what about OSB? which version should be selected? OSB should be of version . So in summary

Important points

1)Weblogic and OSB versions should be same if you want OSB IDE to be installed.
So weblogic is , then OSB should be
Incase if they don’t match then while installing OSB (from osb_generic_11.1.1.4) you may get error as “weblogic is not suited for this version of IDE” at step 4 (Typical/Custom step)

2)OEPE should be compatible with the OSB version.

Here are the list of compatible OEPE with OSB . There is no document for this though
OSB Weblogic Server OEPE 10.3.6 10.3.5 10.3.4 10.3.3

STEP1: Install JDK
Install JDK (Jrockit can be preferred)
jrockit-jdk1.6.0_26-R28.1.4-4.0.1-windows-x64(1) should be installed .Always prefer Jrockit over JDK as Jrocking has very good performance

STEP2: Install Weblogic

1. Open a terminal and go to the folder where wls1036_generic file is.
2. Execute the following command:
Double click on the file
3. When the oracle weblogic installer starts, click next and enter the folder you want to use as Middleware Home Directory, for example:
4. Choose the typical installation (or customise if you need). Better to select customize as you can install examples also
5. On the JDK installer screen, the installer should automatically recognise the JDK installed during step 1. If not, click on “Browse” button and point to JDK directory (e.g. /jrocking).
6. Finish the installation.

STEP 3 – Install Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
Download from
Just extract the oepe-indigo-all-in-one-
content into a folder named “oepe” in you middleware home directory, for example:

STEP 4 – Install OSB

Download from :http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/service-bus/downloads/index.html
1. Extract the downloaded zip file (ofm_osb_generic_11. into a any folder. Go to that “Disk 1” directory under the extracted folder and run the following command:
E:\softwares\OSB\ofm_osb_generic_11.\Disk1>setup -jreLoc E:\InstalledSoftwares\jrockit
2. we have provided the JDK location in the above command
3. During the rest of the installation used the settings below
Installation location:
Oracle Middleware Home :E:\InstalledSoftwares\oracle\fmw11116\
Oracle Home Directory: Oracle_OSB1
Installation Type: Custom (ensure that ORACLE BUS IDE is selected).
Note the following in “Typical”. If the version is not matched it would say weblogic version is not compatible with OSB IDE. Then in “CUSTOM” you won’t be able to select the ORACLE BUS IDE. This means that weblogic which is selected is of different version say and OSB_GENERIC is of different version say
Prerequisite Checks – This stage passes
Product Home Location:
Weblogic Server Location: / E:\InstalledSoftwares\oracle\fmw11116\wlserver_10.3
OEPE Location E:\InstalledSoftwares\oracle\fmw11116\oepe-indigo11.

Note the following: The OEPE location is automatically taken. Suppose if OEPE version is not compatible with OSB , then OEPE will not get recognized. You will get message as “OEPE” location is invalid even if you manually select the OEPE. So in this example OEPE should be and OSB should be

Step5: Verify the OSB IDE
Check if OSB IDE has been installed or not
Open the eclipse ide from the below location
Set the workspace to any folder
Check the following
Window->open perspective->other->Oracle Service bus
You should be able to see the Oracle Service bus

Step6)Configuring the OSB SERVER or creating the domain
a) Go to E:\InstalledSoftwares\oracle\fmw11116\Oracle_OSB1\common\bin
b) Config.cmd
c) Select new domain creation.
d) Select the configuration as shown below so that we get OWSM,EM etc
e) give the domain name as osb_domain
f) Give username as weblogic/welcome1
g) Select development mode
h) Give the databse details for OWSM MDS schema(ignore the failure test) and OSB JMS reporting provider
i) Proceed to next step(by pass the DB connection if it asks),

Step 7)Access the sbconsole
Go to the following location:
And type the following
Now access the sbconsole
enter weblogic/welcome1
you should be able the see the screen


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what about the versions that you get today? can you please tell us for v12 stuff

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Aleem, I downloaded the generic version of weblogic server and its a jar file. But when I double click on it, how will I open that file to run. Please help..

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please gimme the exact location to download and install jdk.. Share any doc if u have for the complete installation on the windows 7. i am struck since a week.
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Installing WebLogic Server on 64-Bit Platforms Using 64-Bit JDK

If you are installing WebLogic Server on a 64-bit platform using a .jar installation program:

Include the -d64 flag in the installation command when using a 32/64-bit hybrid JDK (such as for the HP-PA, HPIA, and Solaris64 platforms. For example, if installing in graphical mode using the package installer:

java -d64 -jar wlsversion_generic.jar

Run the java -version command (or java -d64 -version command on platforms using a 32/64-bit hybrid JDK) to ensure that your JAVA_HOME refers to a 64-bit JDK.

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Really Nice Guidelines.I have just followed all but in very last i unable access page http//localhost:7001/sbconsole.I shows me my default home page only.Pls help..Thanx

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Could you please tell me the procedure to configure OSB as a Windows service.


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Hat' off Aleem!
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My tiny contribution:

https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29542_01/upgrade.1111/e15032/upgrade.htm#OSBUP117 for OSB & WLS Server compatiability.

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