Friday, August 12, 2011

Installing Oracle SOA with XE database on windows 7 64 bit

Steps are mentioned below
                                        Part A: Getting the Softwares
1)You need to download all the softwares from Oracle website. Directly downloading from website is risky as in the middle it gets disconnected. You need to have free download manager installed .
Get it from here

2)The required softwares for are available here

a)You need to download GENERIC version for all so that it can work on other platforms like 64 bit OS

b)XE Database

c)Repository Creation Utility (RCU) (
Download it from here for windows x86

Note: You need to set this before running RCU in windows OS. Just right click on Mycomputer, go to Advanced and set the system and user variable and give value as TRUE

If you want to use Oracle XE as your database, you need to set the RCU_JDBC_TRIM_BLOCKS environment variable to TRUE *prior* to running RCU.

Impact of not setting above: Your soa-infra would not come up when you start the soa-servers.

Download the following GENERIC version of 1GB
Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.5) + Coherence -
Package Installer


under you can select GENERIC version (3 would be listed microsoft windows 32 bit,linux,GENERIC)

You need to download both the Disks, Disk1 and Disk2

You can the jdeveloper from here

Select the GENERIC version while downloading
g)SOA-JDEV extension
It could be downloaded from here

                                          Part B: Installation
1)Install XE database

Follow the instructions given below

2)Install schemas using RCU
Steps are mentioned here

3)Install weblogic

java -jar c:\Downloads\wls.jar

4)Install SOA and configure

check the following post

5)Install Jdeveloper and configure


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